Attention English Speaking Visitors To Paris!
New book reveals things to see and do... Things regular tourists miss out on
The Parisianist
A letter from The Parisianist
Paris, France
Dear friend, 

Coming to Paris? Magnificent!

Information on this page could be the most important thing you read today!

Here's why ...
I've put my love of Paris into one compact 60-page PDF e-book and I want you to have it.

The Parisianist: A Guide to Maximizing Any Trip to Paris, France

New launch price is only $6.70. But more about the book later. 

Let’s talk about you!

I'm talking about you coming to Paris...
But Now! Only $6.70 

Did you know more tourists come to France than to any other country in the world?

82.8 million visitors in 2018. That's Stade de France (the largest stadium in France with a capacity for 80,000 people) filled 1,035 times!

And when tourists come to France they want to see the usual sights of Paris. Of course! Eiffel Tower. Louvre Museum. Arc de Triomphe. And there’s more...

So much more to see and do in the city I am proud to call 'home'.

But wait!

There are parts of Paris that most tourists never get to experience. Yet, I know first hand what a shame it is.

How would I know?

Because only a Parisian chauffeur like me - in the driver's seat of over 5,137 chaperoned rides throughout Paris - could possibly know.

What you might see in the glossy travel agency brochures and websites is good. Very good. But it is not the full picture.

You wouldn't visit the Louvre Museum ready to admire the Mona Lisa painting in full glory…

Only to see she's been half-covered by a curtain. Of course you wouldn’t.

That is how I feel about my beloved Paris when tourists do not get to experience the secret sights..

And that is precisely why I wrote you THIS GUIDE...

With my 60-page PDF e-book for $6.70, you'll gain instant access to the secret and little seen experiences through the eyes of a knowledgeable local resident. 

Through my eyes! 

And I know you will love it. Or get a full and courteous refund if not totally satisfied.

Let me take you on a private tour to some of the out-of-the-way destinations unknown by mainstream guides.

Think of it as a downloadable insider’s report you can print out and have as your guide while in Paris.

You can buy the book on this page today for the low price of only $6.70. With a guarantee that if you are not happy with it for any reason I will refund your full purchase price. And you still get to keep my book!

8 Discoveries You Can Expect Inside The Parisianist E-book…

  • The #1 way I recommend you get around Paris (and it's not what you think)
  • What matters to every Parisian when serving a visitor or tourist (know this and you'll find people will go out of there way to help you!)
  • Why there's no need to be alarmed if a Parisian says 'THIS' to you in passing (in fact you might even want to repeat it back)
  • The 4 topics that will keep ANY conversation alive in Paris (pick one and never wonder what to talk about while in Paris)
  • So many cafes and bistros! Which one to choose first? (start with my recommendation and then choose a few of your own!)
  • Where I buy my own confections (do NOT leave Paris before trying their Pain au chocolat! It's like croissant with chocolate inside.)
  • Venture off the beaten path and shop until you drop! (where Parisians shop but keep secret from tourists. I reveal the hidden shops for finding crazy bargains!)
  • The best neighborhoods in Paris to visit (and where it's a good idea to steer clear - depending on your interests)
  • And much, much more...
Order The Parisianist today for only $6.70 and receive a direct link to download the book within seconds.

My exclusive travel guide (because that's what it really is) was not assembled or produced by big-time publishers who overcharge and scrape obscene profits off the top. 

The Parisianist is my own labor of love.

My love for Paris is what drives me to launch the book for only $6.70

Remove all thoughts of risk because you get my 100% money-back guarantee. In fact, I would insist on a full refund if you're not completely thrilled once the PDF e-book is in your hands.

One thing though. The $6.70 is a test price. So, I may raise the price at any time. But, since you are reading this page today and right now then the price is fixed at only $6.70

Scroll down for the order button!
Thanks for reading and hope to see you in Paris soon.

The Parisianist
Paris, France

PS Scroll down for the order button!

PPS The Parisianist: A Guide to Maximizing Any Trip to Paris, France for only $6.70. Download the PDF immediately after ordering from this page. 100% courteous money back guarantee if not totally happy with your purchase. Make buying it the very next thing you do!

PPPS It just occurred to me. $6.70 for my 60-page e-book is a small investment compared to the thousands you might pay in total for your French holiday of a lifetime. But, the value you get from my e-book could turn your holiday into something much more valuable than without it. I hope you will invest in my guide today!
Buy Now! Only $6.70 
You're getting a full 60-page Paris travel guide from a local expert. 

Walk through the city like an authentic Parisian with a digital copy of my book on hand. 

You'll go where I go.

You'll experience what I experience.

I'll even give you specifics tips to help you every step of the way!

This is all for the low price of $6.70

My gift to you as a hospitable Parisian welcoming you to our fair city

100% money-back guarantee.

In fact, I insist you get a complete and courteous refund if you're not totally satisfied!

This is a limited time offer...
Buy Now! Only $6.70 
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