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The Parisianist: A Guide to Maximizing any Trip to Paris, France
 Want to know how to get around Paris? I tell you the best ways to see Paris while fully immersing yourself in a story a millennium in the making.
 Are you a student, backpacker, or family with a small budget? Money doesn't matter! I explain how to enjoy a true Parisian adventure regardless of how much you have to spend.
 Seeking some shopping opportunities off the beaten path? Uncover the places kept well-hidden from tourists where real Parisians go.
 Need route suggestions for your small, medium, or long-stay? Paris is a city with so much to offer! Don't miss the essentials with plans from a knowledgeable local.
 What are the best and worst neighborhoods in Paris to visit? I explain where you'll want to stay dependent on your objectives and means.
 Do you want to enjoy the comforts of home while traveling to Paris? I breakdown the best local neighborhoods where you can relax despite being homesick.
 Want to relish in the flavors of Paris? Thanks to this guide, you'll be able to taste authentic Parisian cuisine in neighborhoods not as welcoming to outsiders.
 Finding it difficult to get back to nature? Get out to squares, gardens, parks, and woods dependent on your needs as a couple, family, or group of friends.
 Do you wish to save time and energy? I explain how to visit most popular attraction without it turning to a complete nightmare!
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